Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 10, 11, 12: Something I made, Fun and Close up

Okie dokie; here we go... Something I made..
Stoneware with handmade paper
I was fooling around and made this abstract piece.  I was trying to come up with a clever way to glaze it.  I wanted something organic and this paper just seemed the best fit.
What's more fun than a puppy?
Something Fun... Daisy was rolling about in the yard being a goofy puppy.  I tried to get just a good picture of her puppy nose, but it ended up just being blurry :(
Black stoneware from 2009
Close-up of this little guy I made in my figure class my last semester of school, only finally got it fired.  It is so small it fits in my hand; and I have always loved it.

In other news, Maverick is feeling MUCH better.  He is still a little swollen, but seems to have perked up.  We still have to get the fence fixed.  hopefully when our landlord comes over they can help with that.

Also, the hoarder's room is no more!!! YEA!  It is down more to just a cluttered table in a really clean room.  That's where I have been, trying to de-clutter our lives.  My head is about to explode from not being able to art, so I am glad to almost be back to productive!

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