Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 3: Clouds

Hurray for getting to take pictures of something other than myself! Today is clouds (as the title implies).  Last night and this morning we got a bunch of much needed rain (which also brought in some cooler temps).  For those outside of Oklahoma it has been 100 degrees or over, well about forever (if you measure from the beginning of July until now).  Today the high was in the 80's, almost brisk, ha ha.  Anyway, lots of gray this morning, too much even for this picture, and when I just went out to take it; BAM cloudless sky.  I had to look hard but I found some.
I also found the moon!  (This was Bryan's pick for favorite .. he won't always have deciding role, but for today we gave it to him)

I also went to Sunflower Farmer's Market today.  Breath of fresh air here in OK, it isn't all organic, but a ton of it is, and the bulk area is awesome!  I think we can save a ton of money here (as long as I avoid impulse cheese buys which is a problem.) I limited myself to one exciting cheese and got some raw milk cheddar which I will be trying soon.  It is still SUPER busy because t is so new, so slightly a hippie mad house, but I figure that will settle shortly.  As of now the best times to go are during church on Sunday, 10 am on weekdays, or closer to when it closes at 11.  Since I live the vampire life the times works out for me.  The other option is to bring a friend, I brought 2.  We were able to find parking easier (though Krystle came after Brandi and I, so we only reduced cars by 1) and also wade through the crowds a little easier. (Or do the ol' you wait by the cart, I'll be right back!)

Also yesterday I forgot to mention, we had near tragedy, I thought Luna died!  Some background, Luna is the only 4 legged friend I have acquired on purpose.  Pedro was supposed to be a temporary arrangement for my friend Kristie (her husband is allergic, so I got full custody), Oliver was supposed to be a present for Bryan's mom (but he would have had to been de-clawed* or an outside cat and I couldn't do it, then they decided visits were better anyway), Daisy was supposed to be shipped out to a good home (and instead stayed in ours), and Maverick came with Bryan. So Luna has a special place in my heart.  She is also "special" in a very real way.

"Hi, I'm Luna-Tuna.  You know Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, I'm the cat version of her.  I like nargles, also cat kibble, and sometimes I think I am a fish, I also sleep VERY soundly!"

Basically everyday is a brave new day for Luna.  So I walk in the bedroom and see Luna at the foot of my bed butt half hanging off, one eye open, tongue half sticking out, and not breathing, I say her name, yell for Bryan to come look and then as I walk closer say "Oh my god I think she's dead!" I put my hand on her and she still doesn't move until Bryan gets close, then she jumps up and looks at us as if to say "hi guys, where's the cat kibble?"  That would have put a damper on the day for sure.  I now refer to her as "Luna who's not dead", because she isn't, she's alive.

So I'm off to get ready for work, last night was more dead than a horde of zombies (and less exciting too).  Let's see what awaits us tonight.

*More on de-clawing later, for now just know it involves toe chopping! Not ok!

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