Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 9: Faceless Self-Portrait

So for this one I was trying to find a picture that summed up my life in a nutshell:
If I'm stationary, there is typically a cat in my lap; most often this one.
Oh Petey! (Which is short for Pedro.. because Pedro means Peter in Spanish).  Petey was Kristie's cat; I was with her when he was adopted (the only little guy that was awake, he licked my hand it was so cute.. then he didn't sleep for two years and was a psycho!)  We were driving home with him coming up with random names and then said Pedro (this was around the time of Napoleon Dynamite) and he poked his little kitty head in between the seats as if to say "Yes, you need something?" so the name stuck.  He is especially co-dependent as of late, and if someone is at the computer he wants to be a part of the action!

Tonight we had an incident.  The dog next door got her little (not little) pitbull head under the fence.  I'm sure Mavers went up to sniff her and see what was up, and he got bit.  Now she got bit too, and scraped up from coming under a fence, but Mavs needed to go to the ER vet.  He is now on puppy painkillers and has a swollen sad face.  Bryan is very upset.  Daisy seems to realize there is something wrong because she hasn't been chewing on him.  Poor sad guy :(
Mavers, before getting his faced torn up; being very tolerant of me shoving a cat in his face and another hanging out looking for food.
The spare room soon to be studio AKA the hoarder's room is just about cleared out and open for business.  Between moving and shoving extra things in, and then clearing out the art studio, it just got out of hand.  Almost better, just in time to be productive AND get started on artwork for holiday gifts (both for giving and for others to purchase).  Also getting paid for 2 pieces next week, so yea! Money for the bank :)

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