Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 2: What I Wore

Jean skirt, tank top that was a wedding shower gift, and my blue wedding shoes (well, they were supposed to be, but it rained and I wore galoshes instead:
Wedding galoshes = AMAZING!
So I got prettied up today for my mother-in-law and aunt(-in-law)'s birthday party.  Happy birthday Glenda and Aunt Barbara.  Ate steak and lobster and yummy dessert; delish! Introduced Daisy the new puppy to everyone, she was of course a hit!
Hi I'm Daisy and I like to chew on Maverick's leg.. also I get car sick unless someone sits with me in the backseat, but then of course that person gets carsick :)

Last night at work definitely helped dispel the myth that bartending is glamorous (and who made that up anyway).  Some amazing moments in, that guy has my tab, why don't you know who I am I have a credit card up there; oh I paid cash I forgot, plus the ever popular "We're going to a casino to win money to bring it back to you, because I have a feeling you are available."

Response:  "Available for what?" followed by a flash of the hand "right so I'm married".    Don't people even look for the shiny thing on the left hand, or do they not care?  Bah..
Tonight will be non-exciting due to mass hysteria of college football beginning, and the (what I call sick) obsession with OU football.  I appreciate sports, but not enough to pay to watch a practice; or to let my happiness be determined by how well a 19 year old throws a ball.  (Maybe I'm just jealous that my sports get no press). 

Off to bring home the money honey (and hi Mom since you are the only one reading... so far).


  1. I read Ashley! And OMG does Daisy chew Mavs back legs? Teigan does that all the time to Belle. He also licks her teeth and ears which makes her growl/moan and drive us all nuts!!!!!

    Love the wedding boots!!


  2. Helen, first, YEA! Second she chews any leg she can get. Front when he's lying down, back when he's walking. Also chews on his lips; poor guy. She licks his ears, but I think he's used to that because Luna tries to clean his ears also. And the only whining the whole time is from Daisy, which I don't understand AT ALL!