Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 7 & 8: Something New & Technology

Ok, so I warned you, late always.. um sorry.  Anyway, day 7 is something new
New display including picture of Bryan, Green Beret shadow box I put together and of course Gover as Captain America.. AWESOME!! (Grover by James Hance)
There used to be a shelf there, but it wasn't very stable, Bryan mentioned something about the screws not being in the studs (even though I used those anchor thingies).  So I took it down tried to use a stud finder (which Bryan says works because it beeped next to him) to find studs to screw into to make more stable... and that's why t looks like there are bullet holes around Bryan's picture.  I have given up on the shelf.

Day 8: Technology
Joystick used for playing Portal 2 (me) and helicopter games (Bryan) and the speakers we plug our phones and computers into for awesome music
This picture is less exciting to me.  Meh.

Off to get ready for work, Friday = Monday in this house

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  1. ok, so bryan is a stud, however if the studs are metal the detector will read a false positivel...but nice shadow box